August 15, 2018

A New Chapter

Hi there!

Welcome to my brand new website. What an overhaul! goodbye La Lumiere Photo – hello La Lu Photo. Not to far from my old name – but a little and enough to make it feel way more like home.

When I started my little photography business way back when – winter of 2012, everything  was shiny and new – I was naive and blind travelling a bumpy road unsure of where it may lead me.

I was a 27 year old new mum spending most of my days carrying a 2 year old around on my hip. The iPhone was new to me as was Instagram and I loved being able to snap photos of Lucy and share them. I started to play around with light a lot, it started to reignite my passion for photography (yes, I was always the one with the camera!) fast forward just a short while and I had my first Canon, my first 50mm lens and I was on my way, La Lumiere Photo was born. La Lumiere – The Light.

As we grow – we change.

The past 6 years has been a roller coaster ride that I have never wanted to get off. The creative process is a fickle beast full of emotional highs and lows and is also a continued journey and progression. I have had some major successes and I have met so many incredible people along the way. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as this truly is a dream come true.

I started to fall out of love with La Lumiere as a business name a couple of years ago as I didn’t feel connected to it anymore, maybe I never really did, but who doesn’t love the French language? Google, thats who – and any client trying to spell it! but I didn’t know where to go, I can’t pinpoint the exact time I knew it was time to change – and it’s funny how my perfect name was always there staring me right in the face. La Lu – the two constants in my life, myself Laura and my sweet girl Lucille.

This new website signifies all that I love, my style and creativity is forever expanding and changing direction and I hope you can see this reflected in my work here. My subject matter has definitely become more streamlined with my focus being on mothers, the bond between mother and child and families. I will no longer be offering couples (with the exception of maternity) or wedding photography. Mothers, women and children are my passion.

Thank you for stopping by, thank you for supporting me – so much love right back at’cha.

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