Hi there, I'm Laura. Here is everything there is to know about me.

I am a photographer and I am a bare faced, bare foot mother to my beautiful daughter Lucille.


I am extremely soulful and for the longest time have felt like I have a direct connection from my soul to the universe and all the magic that exists within this glorious life we are so lucky to live - isn't that a beautiful thought?


(oh and that little girl in the pool is me when I was 6, that is my "why" photo. This photo embodies every reason why I do what I do).

I was born in the UK but I am an Aussie girl through and through. Summer is my oxygen. I have a love hate relationship with winter, I hate the cold but I love the soft golden light. I love rain at night when i'm tucked up in bed but I get scared driving in it. I love, love - mine and yours. I love seeing people in love. I love to kiss. I love people watching and public displays of affection, I love coffee and I love cuddles. I love salty hot skin in summer and crispy sea salt hair, I love shadows, I love plants and flowers that are fragrant, I could smell them all day long - lemon tree blossoms and Jasmin are to die for. I have lots of shoes but i'm always barefoot, I love walking around barefoot on the warm ground in summertime. I don't take myself seriously at all and can always laugh at myself.


I am not an extreme risk taker, I don't go looking for experiences i'm not comfortable with but I do appreciate the tiniest particles of magic in each day and find just breathing and creating life to be exhilarating. Sometimes I am overwhelmed at how beautiful and simple life can be simultaneously. Like the smell of a BBQ in summer or a freezing cold breeze on my nose or ripe lemons ready for picking on a tree - and don't even get me started on the magic of light.


I moved around a lot as a kid and met so many people along the way. I believe this gave me an incredible ability to meet new people and immediately connect with them, I absolutely wear my heart on my sleeve and am forever falling in love with the people I meet, I chat to everyone, I love to talk and to find out as much as I can about each person, I find people to be fascinating.


When I think about my childhood and my family and my journey I see laughter and light and the outdoors, I see caravan parks and holiday friends and catching baby crabs on the beach, I see the family home and cuddling games on the couch and lots of quick wit, I see paddling pools and pets and there always seems to be a baby around. I see kindness and a deep sense of feeling grounded and humble. I see mum and dad sneaking a kiss in the living room as I stare on from the garden. I see light through leaves that I try to touch with my toes as I swing up high. All of these incredible glimpses of time long past are burnt into my memory and soul - this is what matters to me.


If you would like me to see your family through my eyes and through my lens I would so love to meet you and do that. We can find beautiful light and share childhood stories and laugh together too. I will become best friends with your kids and accidentally laugh at you and them at inappropriate moments - I apologise for that in advance! We can make magic and spend time actually living for a while.


Oh and in case you were wondering the name LALU is derived from mine and Lucilles names (LA Laura, Lu Lucille).


w: www.laluphoto.com.au
e: hello@laluphoto.com.au

m: 0421 749 861

Laura harrey - la lu photo

Based in Scarborough, Western Australia
Available for travel worldwide

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