August 15, 2018

Bare Footed Babes

The summer days were drawing to an close. The chill of the morning was becoming more noticeable each day as we headed toward the colder months of winter. Autumn had brought with it a blessed Indian Summer and during the days was a warmth that lingered. Unlike the blustery summer months, Autumn and this faux summer brought with it a quiet stillness that I adore. Every person in Perth was making the most of these final days of warmth and sun – no-one knowing exactly when it would end but all admitting it would be soon and that each day must be enjoyed, lived  and be full.

I had chatted to the gorgeous Emily for months about planning a family session at the beach and we quickly realised that time was fleeting and if we wanted to do this we had better act quickly. Emily is one of the sweetest and most loving people I have ever met. She has a earth mother quality about her that that I adore. We met when our girls attended the same school before Lucy and I moved and we clicked immediately, as did the girls. I knew this session would be incredible and full of heart and love.

We managed to arrange the session on one of the absolute final days of Autumn and it was magical.

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