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Laura Harrey of La Lu Photo is a Perth Newborn, Baby and Family Lifestyle photographer available for baby photography & maternity photography, newborn photography , baby photography, child photography , family photograph , natural family photography, Perth family photography, Perth newborn photography, Perth lifestyle photography in Perth and Scarborough and surrounds such as Trigg, Karrinyup, Mount Hawthorn, Highgate, Inglewood, East Perth, South Perth, Maylands, Mount Lawley, Leederville, North Beach, City Beach, Swanbourne, Doubleview, Wembley, Wembley Downs, Claremont, Bayswater, Guilford, Fremantle - from the northern suburbs and north of the river to south of the river, at home photography and outdoor photography in Perth including beach, river, parks and bushland locations.

The Road : Journey To Self

A mentorship to guide you onto a road of rediscovering your inner artist and finding your unique voice.

We are all artists . . .

I have felt for a long time that now, more than ever that it is incredibly difficult for an artist to find, develop and maintain their own unique voice. In a world where we are visually bombarded with imagery it is hard to not feel overwhelmed and continually question yourself and your art.

I get messages and emails all of the time with a very common and concerning theme, self doubt and creative confusion. There is so much self doubt within this industry which I feel is leading to a block in creating work that is meaningful to you and allows you full creative freedom.

Over the years I have learnt from some of the most respected artists and have accumulated a bank of knowledge and tools that I want to share. I am passionate about continued learning and growth and want to help you on your own road to self and to rediscover the UNIQUE POWER OF YOU.

Let's rediscover your artist within
“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso.

My 1:1 mentorship will guide you onto a road of creating work true to yourself and your voice. I will give you tools to help you to develop and define your art that will lead to you feeling in control and in love with the work you are producing.

(I will be booking only 1 client per month so I am all yours for 1 whole month! $350 deposit payable upon booking, total amount due one week prior to mentoring commencement).

The Road : Journey To Self

what is included

1 Portfolio Review (this can be a website or instagram account). Questionnaire and some homework. Information on how to find your "why" and tools and methods I use to try to connect to my "why" in every session. I will provide detailed feedback on this during our first skype conversation.
2 2x 1 hour Skype calls. Pre and post the 1:1 mentoring day . The first chat will include planning a session to shoot together. The second call will be 2 weeks following our mentoring day to debrief and review and conclude the mentorship.
3 5 hour 1:1 mentoring day. Starting with a Q and A covering questions you have prepared and any tasks I have asked you to complete. I will encourage and offer openness. A photo shoot arranged by me, this shoot with be stylised to bring one of your creative ideas to life. Insight and a debrief of the session.
4 Final Skype session to discuss the implementation of the acquired tools and skills into your own creative work and to answer any final questions you may have.

Are you ready to take the jump? I am so excited to join you on the journey of creativity. I created this month long mentorship as this is something I truly longed for when I was starting out. Let's grow and flourish together!

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And so the adventure begins... I will be taking on 1 mentoring client per month during 2020 starting in Feb. Spaces are very limited.