March 28, 2019

Home Is Wherever I’m With You – At Home and Beach Family Lifestyle Session

What a wonderful way to celebrate the absolute ordinary and the magic that the ordinary can reveal. These are my absolute favourite sessions. This shoot, without a doubt, is why I do what I do. I am a lifestyle photographer and I tell stories, I take a couple of hours in your life with your family, your afternoon at home cuddling on the couch, your sacred sweet moments, each tiny kiss, each tickle and tug of hair, your pack up the car and run to beach for sunset on a Saturday arvo – your ordinary,  and I deliver your ordinary back to you in a storyboard of images. All of that magic, all of that love. All together in a gallery to keep and to hold and to review over and over again. Because, regardless of how hard we try – our memory will eventually fail us, it will fill up with the present and these moments, that literally meant the world in that given moment, will fade –  we won’t remember every tiny detail and it’s these details that create the feelings, that we do want to hold onto forever.

I have been getting a lot of emails lately wanting to know what my storytelling sessions are. I’ll start by telling you what they aren’t. They aren’t basic, they aren’t everyone looking at the camera, they aren’t generic. They are 100% authentically you and your loved ones, they are chaotic bliss. They are me giving you my whole heart for a couple of hours. Laughing with you, loving you and making you feel like i’m not even there taking photographs of you. No two galleries will ever look alike as this work, our sharing a few hours together is representative of your exact ordinary – and that is your magic, for you to keep.

This beautiful lifestyle session one afternoon took us from home to the ocean, from tears to laughter and everything in between. I was so honoured to share an afternoon with this beautiful family.

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