the story of us session


2018 pricing $700.00




1-2 hour photoshoot

All immediate family welcome to attend

Outfit and location advice
In home session or outdoor location or a combination of both

All edited images from your session (100+)

Web size images included for social media sharing


Please feel free to contact me regarding payment options and plans or additional print products.


A maternity session can be added at a discounted rate of $300.00 when booked in conjunction with a Story of Us Newborn Session.



when you look in the rear view

you want to remember the best times


When you hear songs from your youth, you want to be transported to a time of dancing all night and the freedom you felt. When you smell your favourite dish you want to be taken back to your mothers kitchen when you were 10. Do you remember the time when time didn't exist? When the concept of change was unknown and all of your memories were all new while you paved out your journey. When you were young and free, when you travelled with your love, when you kissed hard, when you became engaged, when you carried your first child, when your journey of motherhood began.


There is point in all our journeys when memories do start to become distant and real. When you see your children grow before your eyes as the long days become short years. Nostalgia from the past and the bitter sweet steps you take through the present seem slightly heavier than before. You tread more carefully now, life becomes precious and you start to realise its the little things that count, its the baby steps now, the days spent with your family that make you feel full and alive.


One day - this day - will become a beautiful memory in your rear view too. A memory can be stored away safely in that vault in your head or in your heart or it can be captured and displayed in your home.




contact me

AND NOW, the nitty gritty


Before you go any further I urge you to ask yourself the following questions

1. What inspires me that I love, what do I connect with?

2. What value do I place on authenticity?

3. What do I hope to be delivered with - during and post my photography session?

4. Does lifestyle photography fulfil my preconceived expectations and perceptions of what family portraiture looks like?

For me, it is so important that I provide you with me - I am okay at a lot of things but there are 2 things I excel in - love and connection and capturing your love and beauty to put in a frame.

Giving myself to you means giving you my all, my whole heart, it means giving you my gentle, calm and patient loving self and approach that is so open you will become my friends.


I also offer you my art and my skills, my ability to connect with you so beautifully that you will barely notice the camera at all.


Finally, I will provide you with what I believe to be the best and most truthful photographs of you and your family - photographs that don't just capture a memory but implant into your soul and nourish you infinitely.

I won't use a studio - to me they don't convey life, a white screen is a blank canvas and there is so much more to your life than that.


I won't ask you to say cheese - unless you want me to of course


I won't let you feel lost and awkward - you are so safe in my hands

I won't offer stock standard posing


I won't judge you or hold any expectations of you

I won't ask you all to look at me at the same time - unless you ask me to


I won't stop until the job is done.



I will guide you, I will love you, I will play games with you, I will win your kids over, I will find the most beautiful light in the most perfect location, I will make you laugh, I will collect precious moments for you.

The final question I want you to ask your self is this - do my values and artistic appreciation and understanding align with Laura's in a way that we can work cohesively together to work towards the same goal - to produce photographs that tell our story and celebrate our life?

If the answer to this question is YES! LETS DO THIS! Then let's get started.


w: www.laluphoto.com.au
e: hello@laluphoto.com.au

m: 0421 749 861

Laura harrey - la lu photo

Based in Scarborough, Western Australia
Available for travel worldwide

Laura Harrey of La Lu Photo is a Perth Newborn, Baby and Family Lifestyle photographer available for baby photography & maternity photography, newborn photography , baby photography, child photography , family photograph , natural family photography, Perth family photography, Perth newborn photography, Perth lifestyle photography in Perth and Scarborough and surrounds such as Trigg, Karrinyup, Mount Hawthorn, Highgate, Inglewood, East Perth, South Perth, Maylands, Mount Lawley, Leederville, North Beach, City Beach, Swanbourne, Doubleview, Wembley, Wembley Downs, Claremont, Bayswater, Guilford, Fremantle - from the northern suburbs and north of the river to south of the river, at home photography and outdoor photography in Perth including beach, river, parks and bushland locations.