April 13, 2019

Rainy Day Cuddles – Perth Motherhood Breastfeeding Session

It was almost a year ago to the day that I met Nell. It was a mentoring session booked at her home where I would be teaching for the day. Isn’t it strange how random experiences and meetings with strangers can feel so perfect, like all of the stars aligned that day to bring you together? That is how I felt when I met Nell, like she was made of the same stardust as me, that perhaps our souls were in tune, whatever it was, the connection was incredible and I was able to create the most beautiful images of her and her children and husband (a little bit). Motherhood sessions are my favourite, I can’t tell you exactly why. I don’t primary focus on booking these types of sessions as my heart is firmly held with families but there is something so unique and precious about this specific type of session. Perhaps it’s the quiet. Motherhood sessions, specifically breastfeeding sessions are usually just of mother and baby. Perhaps it’s the strength of that bond between them. I can’t pin point it now but whatever it is, I love it and I love capturing it, in all of it’s glorious loving silence.


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