July 21, 2020

Take Me To The River

This was my first session post Covid hitting Perth. wearing masks and sanitising and keeping distance was still applicable and the river was remarkebly quiet this day.

I met this lovely family a year prior at a workshop and I knew that I would love to photograph them again. Ella is one of the sweetest and most adoring mothers I have met. If there was one thing that Covid could not dampen it was the love and intense feeling of family spirit this family embodies.

The river was super calm, the air was warm but had those chilly bites of wind that tell you that winter is on its way. The sky was entirely covered by a blanket of the softest cloud, filtering the sun perfectly. It really was a dream.

With it being so quiet the only sounds were giggles and the gentle flow of water.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I adored shooting them.


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